I am glad that you are here …

and I want to tell you a little bit about what moves me and why there are these pages …

Beate Demhold

The head behind the Elfenidee is me, Beate

For years a day already a hobbyist and handiworker – no preference with which materials. For a long time I painted and drew caricatures and came to learn embroidery design. I find it very exciting to be able to combine my learned, technical profession with the artistic vein.

The website is designed, cared for and “equipped” by me – and if I push my limits here, then my partner is helpful to me …

Let’s change the world a bit

with small – yes, sometimes tiny appearing actions – but this can certainly make a big difference.
There is so much talk about sustainability, about fair production and working conditions, about our consumption behavior and waste avoidance, that sometimes it gets us dizzy and we do not even know where to start …
Even so much can be changed with little things.
That’s why you’ll find many different categories here, especially on the blog … because all the little things can take place in so many areas that surely everyone will find something that appeals or inspires them.

small things change the world too

that’s why it was so hard for me to reconsider the hobby of sewing …
Do I really need new fabrics for everything I want to sew? The answer was NO – because we live in such abundance and often thrown away textiles that are great to reuse.
I have decided not to buy any more fabrics – except maybe looking at second-hand goods for certain objects. The result was really overwhelming … what can you do else with discarded textiles.
Then the embroidery came along and I think it’s just fitting to combine the used textiles with new embroidery.
Whether I decorate favorite parts – or cut things and create something new, it’s great fun – and is more sustainable than buying them permanent … and I get out of the circle with my ideas, as well as possible, that for the Making my textiles humans are mercilessly exploited.
It would be a great pleasure for me if Elfenidee could perhaps lead you to discover your own creativity – or even to buy a lovingly made gem away from the big industry, with a “do-it-yourself maker”!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I am very happy when the community of “slightly different consumer behavior” grows!

enjoy browsing through the pages,

Your Beate